How to earn

affiliate commissions

Professional affiliate marketers please message us using the contact form.

You can easily find your affiliate link, once you have an account for the week 1 course (which you can unlock for free) or the 12 week course:

1) Log into your course page.

2) Click the little arrow on the top right of the page: In the drop down menu, choose: Affiliate.

3) You will be invited to "Join Roland Schauer’s Affiliate Program": Enter the email address that you use to identify your paypal account.

4) Once you have done that, every time you click on Affiliate (in the drop down menu situated in the right upper corner), you will be taken to the page “Roland Schauer’s Affiliate Program. Earn 21% on every sale."

5) Then you can choose if you advertise all courses, or one course in particular. You will get best results if you scroll down to the course “Tapping Infinite Possibilities”. Spot your personal affiliate link for that course and press “copy URL”. Now you are ready to share your affiliate link with the world, via email, on social media, via Whatsapp, Messenger, etc.

6) Once the recipient has clicked on your affiliate link, you will get 21% commission on all the courses he/she books with us.

For instance, if the customer purchases a course for US $597, you get US $125.37, if they have a coupon code that gives them a $100 discount, you get 21% of US $497, which is US $104.31.

7) After they have clicked on your affiliate link, we recommend you invite those people to a free training.



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