The nitty gritty affiliate commissions details

Affiliate commissions must be generated according to the technical setup of our course platform (Podia). Using your personal affiliate link puts a cookie on the recipient's device. The cookie is valid for 14 days. If the recipient uses that device within the given delay and has not erased the cookie, the course platform will be able to trace back the sale to you and will automatically generate your affiliate commission.

Last touch attribution: If a recipient clicks the affiliate links from two different people, the last link that was clicked is considered to have generated the sale and therefore gets the commission.

Possibilities.Academy will give out promotional coupon codes at its sole discretion. 


Affiliate commissions are paid to your paypal account, for all sales you have generated using your personal affiliate link and that have not been refunded. Possibilities.Academy, at its sole discretion, selects a day within the first week of each month, where all commissions are paid out that have been generated by purchases that date back more than 30 days. That is because we need to honor the engagement of our 30 day money back guarantee to our customers. For example, commissions for a purchase on May 15th are paid out in the first week of July.

Feel free to invite as many people as you like, we will be very pleased to pay you commissions for multiple customers.



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